Hello, world!

A huge, resounding “Hello!” from us here at the Tskr team! We’re excited to introduce ourselves and share a snippet of the journey we’re on!

Who is Tskr?

We are Tskr.com, and we’re building a freelancer marketplace geared to change the way freelancers and clients collaborate. Born out of a desire (read: necessity) to bridge the growing gaps in the freelancer platform universe, Tskr was envisioned and crafted by a team of freelancers who themselves have navigated the labyrinthine of existing platforms.

Our primary goal is simple: create a transparent, fair, and supportive environment for both freelancers and clients that supports, not punishes, its users. No more convoluted fee structures, no more undue power dynamics, no more pay-to-win, and no more AI-generated spam/scams/nonsense. Instead, we’re focusing on genuine human interaction, safeguarded transactions, and a level playing field.

What can you expect from Tskr?

For freelancers, a place where your skills and commitment are genuinely valued, with processes and structures in place to ensure that remains true. For clients, a place where finding the right talent doesn’t feel like a treasure hunt in a minefield.

Tskr aims to be a space where integrity isn’t just a buzzword, but the foundation of our platform.

The blog

Our primary objective with the Tskr blog is not just to post fluff before we introduce our product. Instead, we’re here to address specific questions, fill in the gaps, receive feedback, and ensure that our community and our team remain on the same page.

Our “road to launch” blog plan consists of the following:

  1. Feature Spotlights: The freelance marketplace platform concept isn’t a new one, but it is a bit stale. Our goal with Tskr is not to simply carve out a piece of the existing pie, but to help craft a unique and improved approach altogether. Over the next few days, we’ll be highlighting certain functionalities and tools we’ve integrated into Tskr that we believe significantly improve these processes for both clients and freelancers..
  2. Behind the Scenes: Ever wondered what goes into creating a platform like Tskr? You’ll be able to take a deeper dive in to the heart of our operations, to learn what exactly makes us tick.
  3. Q&A Sessions: In an increasingly isolated tech world, one shared passion amongst our team is ensuring our platform retains a human element. We believe that there’s an inevitable shift in the way that websites/platforms/businesses will conduct themselves in the future and we’re hoping to be at the forefront of that movement by fostering a more communicative, approachable and accessible company. In the weeks leading up to launch, we’re looking forward to discussing any potential queries, concerns, and feedback with our community. Periodic Q&A sessions will be organized to keep communication lines open and transparent.
  4. General Updates and Announcements: From early access to launch specials, this blog will be the go-to spot for all the latest Tskr news.

In closing

While it may sound cliche, we’re not just launching a product, we’re building a community – and we invite you to follow along, share in our excitement, and grow with us. Our launch runway is short, so stay tuned, because things are going to start moving quickly!

More soon,


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