PRESS RELEASE: Introducing – The Next Evolution in Freelance Marketplaces, Launching Soon

Tskr, a freelance marketplace platform out of Kansas City, is set to launch with a focus on transparency, fairness, and simplicity.

Kansas City, Missouri – In a bid to revolutionize the freelancing ecosystem, a team of dedicated freelancers proudly announces the imminent launch of – an evolution of the freelancer marketplace concept. Designed with transparency, fairness, and simplicity at its core, Tskr promises to remedy many of the issues plaguing existing platforms, offering a seamless and productive experience for both clients and freelancers alike.

Born out of firsthand frustrations with the deteriorating dynamics on competing platforms, Tskr’s founders set out to create a marketplace that stays true to its core mission of serving the freelancers while also providing clients with an efficient, transparent, and cost-effective means of getting work done.

Key Features of Tskr:

  • Transparent Fee Structure: No guesswork. Tskr charges a flat 5% fee for every completed project, ensuring both freelancers and clients know what to expect.
  • Human-Centric Support: Moving away from impersonal automated systems, Tskr promises hands-on human support at every necessary step.
  • Level Playing Field: Tskr eradicates complex bidding systems, ensuring that success is based purely on skill, expertise, and merit.
  • Protection for Freelancers: With Tskr’s available mediation services, freelancers can work confidently, knowing they are shielded from unfair reviews, scope changes, and reputation damage.
  • Rigorous Integrity Checks: To maintain the platform’s trustworthiness, Tskr actively combats spam, scams, and unqualified applicants.

“Having navigated the complexities and frustrations of existing platforms ourselves, we’ve long-since been aware of the need for something different. Tskr isn’t just a recycled marketplace concept; it’s a promise to freelancers that they will be supported and treated justly in their professional endeavors,”.

While the platform is set to go live in 2023, interested freelancers and clients are encouraged to keep an eye on Tskr’s official website and the Tskr Newsroom at for further announcements, insights, and launch dates.

For more information, inquiries, or interviews, please contact:

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